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When The Concsience Is Silent
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He ran up the white marble stairs two at a time. He held his breath while sitting on the third floor of an old, but nice building where a basrelief of a mother and a child was engraved. He smarmed his girlish hair covered his forehead with both palms and did not move until his heart beating calmed down. Then he stepped forward slowly, came nearer to the door where it was written with thick and gilded letters “Professor Sohrab Gunashli”… He lifted his right hand slowly and reached out the call button looked like black spot in the corner. However, his trembling fingers did not touch the button, slipped and fell down. He made a step backwards. And put off his pocket absolutely new handkerchief. He wiped sweat out off his neck without rush, put his clothes in order and raised his hand again towards the button. The heavy, panel door was opened quietly. A short woman with fluffy hennaed hair thrown over shoulders looked out behind the door. "Who's there? Who do you want?" The boy swallowed his salivia due to excitement. "It's me... Is Professor in?" The woman did not answer. She stared strangely at the swarthy, handsome boy who stood in front of her while bending his head over his chest. And she hardly turned her fat, articulated body to call somebody from the depth of the rooms.

A tall, pale-faced man who wore long bathrobe and tightened from the middle appeared by the women a while after. This man with hair in temple completely turned white, with wide forehead and silent view was the same professor Sohrab Guneshli who was asked by the boy. "Yeah.. That is you?" Professor smiled kindly and moved forward, opened the door wide for the boy. "This way, please!" They walked together across long corridor of the big apartment. And entered to the end point, into a large room looked like banquett hall. A very noble-looking old man and white-faced, thin teenager girl were sitting at the large folded table with white cloth. They had not touched yet meals that were just laid on the table in deep, shiny plates and steamed. Professor took his guest to the table, and introduced him to his father and daughter cheerfully. And he loudly turned to the women who was delayed in the kitchen and just came in: "My new post graduate student, Vugar Shamsizade, he is exactly the same boy," and he did not hide his cheer from his wife."Sorry, I forgot to introduce him to you. Sorry." Large, almond-shaped eyes of the woman were rounded in a strange manner, her puzzled face changed just in a moment and covered with a sweet smile.