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The Definitive Guide to CentOS
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When you apply the examples of this book, The Definitive Guide to CentOS, I hope you will get the same satisfaction and build that same confidence to help others with CentOS. By reading this book and trying the examples, you become a member of the CentOS community—or, as we say, the C in CentOS. But what is so special about CentOS? Why CentOS?Well, if you look at the different Linux distributions that exist today, CentOS has a unique appeal because it doesn’t try to consist of the latest and greatest open source software (which is in itself a never-ending story); it focuses instead on being the most reliable and secure environment that is resistant to change over a seven-year lifetime. And apart from resisting change, about every 24 to 30 months a newer CentOS version pops up with newer software that is again tested for stability and goes unchanged for another sevenyear time span. It is up to you to decide when to stay or move to another version at any point in time.