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Breaking the da Vinci code
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Like millions of avid readers, I love a good read. Add a cup of intrigue, some famous historical figures, controversial institutions, exotic sites, and something to figure out, and you' Entertaining fiction awakens the imagination and takes us into worlds unlike the ones we live in. Often fiction draws us in by working with realities just familiar enough to us that we are caught up in a fresh experience. That is why a good story has entertained us since Homer began to describe epic sea voyages in the Odyssey, hundreds of years before Jesus. 
But fiction is like virtual reality, a new phenomenon that stretches the imagination. Through technology we design a world, often as we wished it might be rather than the way it is. What emerges is also intriguing and entertaining, but it is still something short of full reality. Sometimes virtual reality and reality can be very similar and hard to distinguish.
Knowing the difference between fiction and reality is important, especially when it comes to claims related to God, gender, and the history of faith. This book seeks to examine such claims.